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Featured Local Artist:

Sudbury Alternative Rock

Save The Strange is what some might call the latest "Supergroup" to form in Sudbury, Ontario. Formed in April of 2015, the band features members from many classic and memorable Sudbury bands including Sushi, Weatherly, Backroads, Hyland Drive, Konflit Dramatik, Breaking The Breakdown, Sex & Summer and Sulfur City. Although the band started in 2015, they did not start playing live shows until 2017 after spending some time to craft their music to what they envisioned it to be.
Now Save The Strange are ready to bring their music to a live audience and are playing their first show at The Asylum on Thursday April 6th with special guests from Calgary Ten Minute Detour. The show marks the first in an Asylum series of events which features up and coming local artists called the Sudbury Spotlight Series. Come on out and witness some seasoned local musicians playing some finely crafted music this Thursday, cause if you can't Save The Strange, you might as well join them!

Featured Out Of Town Artist:

Regina Punk Rock

The Extroverts are coming to the Nickel City!
TOUR NEWS! NEW VIDEO! Extroverts are heading to Toronto and other Ontario cities for the FIRST TIME EVER! Our first-ever Toronto show is a showcase set at Canadian Music Week. And to celebrate, here is a new video for Marilyn Monroe's Eyes from our album SUPPLE.
WINNIPEG - Saturday, April 15 - Garrick Hotel https://www.facebook.com/events/1331608500221104??ti=ia
TORONTO - Tuesday, April 18 - Bovine Sex Club https://www.facebook.com/events/1644579232517680??ti=ia
KINGSTON - Friday, April 21 - The Mansion https://www.facebook.com/events/1892192604349592/
SUDBURY - Monday, April 24 - The Asylum https://www.facebook.com/events/1286014864767883/
HAMILTON - Wednesday, April 26 - The Doors https://www.facebook.com/events/279867635802049/
THUNDER BAY - Friday, September 28 - The Apollo https://www.facebook.com/events/1424435264265569??ti=ia

Album Review: The Wring

Coming out of nowhere with a completely experienced, well produced and polished debut record full of complex compositions and dynamics for vocals, guitar, bass and drums is Sudbury's newest best kept secret:  The Wring.

To describe The Wring as merely a Hard Rock band is an extremely misleading label. There is a lot going on musically on this album and it can be quite condensed in parts as all the instruments fire on all cylinders.  Often taking off in all different directions at once, you can single out the guitars, drums and bass consistently.  The bass is often off doing it's own thing, playing private melodies under the vocals and during quieter moments while the guitars and drums play their matching riffs and fills.  In fact one of my favorite things about giving this album a spin is listening to Jason Henrie's bass guitar, it is always clear in the mix, often distorted and plays some of the best riffs on the record.

So the sound - everyone wants points of reference so I'll get right to it.  When I hear this album, I hear notes of Opeth and Tool.  There are analogue synths.  There's old Rush. There are some moments that transport you back to the 70's great progressive albums.  Guitarist Don Dewulf definitely gives an amazing performance throughout the entire album.  The guitars are heavy and everywhere, permeating the mix, crisp and crunchy, chugging along and riffing hard in a lot of the songs or chord filled and shimmery when the moment requires it, holding down a great background to the vocals.  Rob Straughan's drumming holds it all together, strong and loud but never overbearing, mixed well, with progressive time signatures, groovy hi-hat work and great thoughtful fills peppered everywhere within the songs structures.  Some of the fill/riff combos are quite awesome.   The solo work all over the album is amazing as well and not just guitars, the bass and drums all have their moments in the spotlight.  The opening guitar solo section in the 2nd track Sticks & Stones has a striking resemblance to Santana and then crescendos into a sweeping arpeggiated swirl before disappearing into a mist of 70's keyboards and music that sounds...Read more

Interview: The Extroverts

The Asylum asked The Extroverts own Eddie Lester 10 questions about the band and their upcoming Sudbury performance with Big Knife Little Knife. We are stoked for this legendary Canadian punk band to hit Sudbury, and in the meantime here is a look into the world of The Extroverts to prepare you for the show!

1.    When did the band form and how did it come into existence?
Our lead singer Brent and his pal Dennis conceived of the Extroverts as early as 1977, and various nasty basement-only incarnations existed. Brent met Eddie in 1978, and a few live gigs ensued, until the drummer and bass player left town for various reasons, some law-related. Hap and Grant signed on in 1979 and the Extroverts wrote 50 songs in 2.5 years.

2.    What has been your most memorable moments as a touring musician, or as a musician in general?
We had some crazy shows in the old days, especially when we ended up in front of audiences who either hated us or didn’t know what to make of us or both things. Getting fired from a metal/top 40 bar in Brandon after two night, then crafting the words “Lick Me” in link sausages on the windowsill of our room ranks up there I guess.

3.    Can you let people know about your music, and what inspires you?
Think early 80’s punk, new wave, post punk, dancable rock music. The Clash inspires us.

4.    What are your views on the current music industry and what are your predictions for the future?
Music is no longer an industry, in the sense that it was in 1979. In the future, bands like ours will make no money from music sales, next to nothing from live performance, and a bit from merch sales. Waitaminnit. That’s not the future.

...Read more

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